Personal Training Tailored Just For You

We are all different, so it is very important that you take that into consideration as a personal trainer. We will do just that. Our team of certified personal trainers will bring you in for a Free Consultation where we will take your weight, measurements, and talk to you about your diet. This will prepare us to create a plan just for you. All of our 1-on-1 personal trainers create different plans for each individual. 

The Gym is All Yours

Small group training and fitness classes are nice, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the gym to yourself? The best part about our personal trainer service is the gym becomes yours for your session. You will get one hour with just you and the fitness trainer with the gym all to yourself. This creates a great motivational and efficient workout environment. This is a one-of-a-kind experience not offered by most gyms. Find the personal trainer you’ve always wanted and have a private gym at the same time!

Package A: 3 days a week $300 a month – Includes Meal Plan

Package B: 2 days a week $200 a month – Includes Meal Plan

Package C: 1 day a week $100 a month


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