Welcome to Mr. Rodgers Personal Training

We are not your usual fitness facility.


We are the only personal training facility that sits down with our clients and gives them one-on-one counseling on how we are going to get over this weight loss slump. We are in this together, whether or not you’re working with a personal trainer.

Here’s how it works:

Working with a physical trainer is important, but that’s only one side of the story. Fitness Rehab is a program that was designed for those who are trying to lose weight in the fastest amount of time possible but just can’t get over that hump. Now when we say hump, we are talking about the things holding us back such as:

  • Sugar
  • Carbs
  • Overeating/Late night snacking
  • Not enough sleep
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of knowledge on exercise

Whether or not we want to be honest with ourselves, we all have an addiction that is holding us back from reaching our goals, and that is what this program is about. We do suggest that you attend one group counseling session a week, where we sit and talk about our addictions and how we are going to overcome them. This program will include a six-week meal plan written out by our very own Certified Nutritionist.

-Cost $225 (covers the six-week program)

-Weekly Group Meeting: Friday 7pm and Saturday 9am

-Choose from a wide range of class times! Monday – Thursday at 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am and 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm

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